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How to use CONDOR XC-MINI do key duplication for Peugeot 206
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Here is the instruction on how to use Xhorse Condor XC-MINI do key duplication for Peugeot 206.

Step 1: Turn on Xhorse Condor XC-MINI,and click “Key DUPLICATION”

Step 2:Select car Maker press “P”, “E”, “U”… and Select “Peugeot”
Then Press “2” “0” “6” Select “206”.
Select “*(-01)” and press “enter”



Step 3:  Put original key on Fixture of machine
Press “Save”==>Press “Key Decode”==>Press “Comfirm”
Please wait…until finish.



Step 4: Put the key blank on the Fixture of Condor XC-MINI and===>  Press “Cut Key” .



Please wait…until machine finish cutting key

Done! Good job!

 How to use CONDOR XC-MINI do key duplication for Peugeot 206 from: Key Cutting Machine Tech Blog

Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine Screen Menu Display
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Tags: key cutting machine key cutter

Newest Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine is compatible with a variety of key database,it can do large variety of car brands from worldwide.It is available for Wholesale or Retail,which will be a perfect choice for repair person.

1. It an be used with the key keyless condition, lightweight and portable, battery-powered DC electrical impulse is very suitable to go out to work.
2. Mainly used have the key with keyless lost data with the key. When there is a key, simply follow the steps to enter the number or read key teeth tooth number, you can make a new key. When a key is lost, just follow the prompts, enter the appropriate number of head lock, you can make a new key.
3. It is also can according your requirement ,through the intelligent choice to make key tooth depth. Easy to use, suitable for a variety of automotive lock key.
4. USB cable data transfer, compatible with a variety of key database
5. Quick change guide pin and cutter
6. Modular design, easy maintenance (Quick Change Module)

Here we will display some steps about how to set X6 key cutting machine
how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-3 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-4 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-5 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-6 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-7 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-8 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-9 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-10
how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-11 how-to-set-x6-key-cutting-machine-12

This article form Key Cutting Machine website: Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine Screen Menu Display

SKP900 Programmer tested on Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 key successfully !
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One of our customer has successful tested SKP900 key programmer on his Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 model.
“I just got skp900 package last week with the best price on sales… the lucky dog, you know.
items in the box included are:
– the SKP-900 Main Unit
– some cables
– some adapters
– Manual

Bought this tool for a couple of reasons:
– i need a key tool to do key programming for my Lancer 2012. Google and Talked with some users in forums, then skp-900 be the best choice.
– best price at UOBD2.NET( 589US$) original but Cheap that makes me finish order here.
Here’s the photo of my car:


At the beginning, i went through the menu in the skp900… It is very easy to use… Just follow the screen instruction with four arrow buttons, YES/NO button, and keyboard button. No more worry about operation before this. Kids can do it, i think.
Then i began key programming for my Lancer
Screenshots of all the procedure are here














This is from SKP-900 Key Programmer website technical support: SKP900 Programmer tested on Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 key successfully !

CARPROG Full ECU Chip Tunning Feedback
Category: General
Tags: carprog carprog full

This post collects all of available customer feedback on CARPROG Full ECU Chip Tunning. Hope it helps!


  1. CARPROG works with both solution, odb and welding to read the EPROM.

some airbag crash can be repaired by obd but in general we have to and passed by the box desoldering of EPROM. the advantage, it has a database of clear crash for some model, an original radio code generator; this is a good program to start.
CARPROG full v7.28 with everything and explained in the software, and it comes with several
connectivity number. As selecting a function that we want to use it tells us what connectors used.
It is even illustrated with photos very nice.
For me, it’s not bad to begin with, the basic equipment (hot air station, flux pen, soldering iron with a fine tip) ismandatory to exploit
Beginners opt for CARPROG.It offers a lot of opportunity, it does not cover all but a good party. Simple handling,intuitive app. it is polivalent dash, immo, radio ..
I used to virginiser of BSI, I also managed to modify a 2002 vehicle en dash (just to test, Idelivered as it was before)
I also managed to lire OF 5p08 (95p08) and write off properties not bad for beginners, less effective than XPROG or UPA but easier to use.
good flash
Question: You have a merchant recommend? a Chinese version is it the case?
They are well and have a very proper customer relationship

Question: You mean the clone or the original? Because the budget is not the same … And the clone functionality level, we can estimate how many percent compared to the original (if quantifiable)? Gadget or good tool to start?

Reply: It is 40% of the original on the radio codes ok but the dashboard there is not any lack of image the rest is a very fragile CARPROG use it after several silliness more communication with the interface, it must be used with a PC without internet with a stable and xp ca va …
Super good tools began frankly I’m very happy easy to use but it’s still the lolll brol as a tool that makes

several operations:
-code radio
-ecu opel
-some ePROM
-some mcu
(A tool that helps you one day is priceless …)

This is from CARPROG website technical support: CARPROG Full ECU Chip Tunning Feedback

How to use skp900 key programmer to copy 46 chip
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Tags: skp900 skp900 key programmer

Original SuperOBD SKP900 English/Portuguese automotive key programmer alone cannot copy 46 chip, you need extra 46/4D/48 adapter plus for SKP900.

The function of 46/4D/48 Adapter for SKP-900:


1) Read chip.  Identify the chip type, chip ID, empty and locked.
2) Write chip. Connect to PC and edit chips, write special position for chips

3) Make key when all car keys lost
4) Create special chips, like Mitsubishi 46 (Duplex communications chips)
5) Unlock some chips so it can be used again
6) Decode the original chip and then copy it
Here is the instruction on how to copy 46 chip with SKP900 and 46/4D/48 adapter.

1. Well connect SKP900 and adapter. Plug the SKP-900 key programmer into the vehicle OBD socket. Prepare to copy the original car keys and 46 chips.

2. Special features into the SKP-900—-chip key copy—46 chip copy, which has four options, according to the order entered were 1-2-3-4.
3. Firstly enter 1 and read original key ID, then place the original key near the adapter and press YES, the original key ID will be read. If it says reading error, please check if the key chip is 46, or adjust the position of the key and reading coil, and re-read the key ID. After reading key ID, press NO to return.
4. Enter 2 and get collector information: place the collector already with collected data near reading coil (refer to the user manual for the collector user manual), press YES to go on. At this situation, the collector data indicator (green) will flash, the screen displays the collector data. Then press NO to return.
5. Enter 3 and decode original chip, press YES to continue. The screen will display: working, please wait…… It normally takes about 5-30 seconds. (need about 4 minutes in some case). If the decoding failed, please re-collecting data and re-do step 3 and step 4. If the decoding successes, please press NO to return.
6. Enter 4 and create clone chip, place the copy-able 46 chip near the reading coil, press YES to continue, copy successes 1 second later; if not, please adjust the position of the coil and chip, or replace the chip can be copied.

Source:How to use skp900 key programmer to copy 46 chip
More article about skp900 Technical Support,plesae visit:

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