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OBDSTAR F100 vs F108 vs X100 pro vs X300 PRO3 vs X300M
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[Comparison table] recently, the OBDSTAR firm release several key programmer and mileage adjustment tool, some for specialized brands, some for multi-brands. Here lists a comparison tables of OBDSTAR F100 for Ford&Mazda, F108 for Peugeot&Citreon, X100 pro, X300 PRO3,  X300M for odometer correction.


Image  obdstar-f-100-mazda-ford-auto-key-programmer  obdstar-f-108-peugeot-ds-auto-key-programmer  obdstar-x-100-pro-auto-key-programmer-c-d-type  obdstar-x300-pro3  obdstar-x300m-for-odometer-adjustment-and-obdii
Price $169 $209 $339 $579 $259
Language English English English, Chinese English English
OBDII      √  √  √
Read pin code No need read pin code  √  √  
(program key)
 √  √  √  √  
Odometer correction  √    √  √  √
EEPROM / PIC      √  √  
Program ECU      √  √  
Full configuration     EPB,
oil service reset, battery matching
standard configuration,
oil service/reset,
battery matching
Vehicle Ford,
Lincoln &
Land Rover (not immo)
multi-brand models Ford,
Land Rover
(like F100)
multi-brand models
Conclusion F100 Ford Mazda: wins at key programming for Ford,Mazda,Land Rover, jaguar
Obdstar f108: good at key programming for Peugeot, Citroen, DS
OBDSTAR X100PRO: same as x300 Pro key master, best for both key making and odometer mileage
obdstar X300M: only for mileage on a multi-brand models
Obdstar x300 Pro3 key master: include all and best for garage progfessional master.

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Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Key cutting machine cut Nissan NSN14 key
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Here is the instruction on cutting Nissan NSN14 key with original Xhorse Condor XC-MINI automotive key cutting machine.
There are 3 ways to make keys with Condor MINI key cutting machine. Here adapts the 3rd way: “Cut by Bitting” with an existing the original key.
Power on the machine
Select “Cut by Bitting
Select the Blank key “NSN14”, Press “Confirm
Select key type and confirm
Click on “Key Decode” button. The found bitting and Clamp M1 to be used will display on the screen, Click on “Confirm
Verify bitting and modify bitting, click “Cut
Start key cutting
Change the key
Put a new Blank Key in the proper position of the clamp.
Press “Direct processing
Cut key in progress
Take out the new key
Compare original key and new key. The left one is the new key, it is a little different in size, it works.
OBDSTAR VAG PRO Key Programmer Vehicle List
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OBDSTAR VAG-PRO is a kind of professional handheld device mainly for VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT in programming and setting.


OBDSTAR VAG PROG Key Porgrammer Special Function;
1. Mileage adjustment;
2. Read Security code;
3. Maintenance Reset ;
4. EPB(Electronic Park Brake);
5. TPS(Throttle Position Matching);
6. Program Keys;
7. Program Remote;
8. Replace Storage Battery;
9. Repair Airbags;
10. Steering Angle Learning;

OBDSTAR VAG PROG Auto Key Programmer Features
1. Support basic diagnosis for all series car models;
2. Support mileage adjustment for Audi A3, A4(RB4/RB5), A4L, A5, A6, A6L, A8L, Q5, Q7, S5, R8, TT;
3. Support mileage adjustment for VW Bora, Beetle, Caddy, CC, EOS, Lavida, Magotan, Golf, GTI, Jetta, Passat, Phaeton, POLO, Scirocco, Sharan, T5, Tiguan, Touareg, Touran, Tansporter etc..
4. Support mileage adjustment for Fabia, Octavia, Superb, Altea、Ibiza、Leon etc.
5. Support read secutiry code for the 3RD generation immobiliser Bora, Golf, Passat, Lingyu, Jetta, Polo, Sharan etc..
6. Support read security code and Immobiliser for the 3.5 generation immobiliser Lavida, Sagitar, Caddy, Touran, Octavia etc.
7. Support read security code for the 3.5 generation Immobiliser Audi 03-05 A4(RB4), 06-07 A4(RB8), (At present, most device cannot support read security code, when replace used instrument, it is needed. )
8. One click Maintenance reset, no need any channel number, support small and big maintenance auto reset for the latest models till 2014 A8L, A7, A6L, A5, A4L, A3, A1, Q5, Q7,Q3, TT, Magotan, CC, Lavida, Satigar, Passat, Superb, Fabia, Tiguan, Tiguan, Scirocco, EOS, Touareg, Gran Lavida etc.
9. Support replace brake pads for the cars with EPB, support brake pad thickness input directly, intelligent operation, no need channel number;
10. Support throttle position matching, auto-identification vehicles, intelligent operation;
11. Before the 4th generation immobiliser, support intelligently program keys , no need channel number;
12. Before the 4th generation immobiliser, support intelligently program remote, no need channel number;
13. Replace storage battery for the vehicles with Automatic start-stop device;
14. Repair airbags collision data for old VW5, VW51 etc.;
15. Steering angle learning for G85;
16. VW, AUDI the 4/5th generation adapter is being developed, support optional.

Article from: site  OBDSTAR VAG PRO Key Programmer No Need Pin Code
How to use OBDSTAR F100 Magic Wand Programm key for Focus 2015
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Programming Ford Focus 2015 year immo key with new Magic Wand 4C 4D transponder chip generator and OBDSTAR F100 key programmer instruction is provided by UOBDII.COM
Devices used:
Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Code Reader
Chip 4D70
Magic Wand 4C 4D transponder chip generator
OBDSTAR F100 Ford/Mazda key programmer
Test original transponder key with Quickly key copy machine
Choose read or copy

Quickly key programmer identified the chip as ID83

Try to start the car with the original key
It is working.Test new transponder
Choose read or copy
The chip is identified as 4D 70

Try to start the car
It is not working.Format 4D 70 to 83 by Magic Wand 
Insert a new transponder key & ignition on

Then program Ford Focus key with OBDSTAR F100

Plug the OBDSTAR F-100 into the OBD socket
Select Immo key programming function
Select Ford/Lincoln 
Check Ford Linocln software V31.22
F-100 initializing
Select Ford
Select Immobilizer System
Select Focus
Select New Focus
This car is 2015 year, so then we choose Type 2(2014-)

Choose “Programming a new key”
F100 prompt “Insert a new transponder key & ignition on”
reading pin code
ignition off
ignition on
now we own 4 keys could start this car
programming key in procedure

It takes about 4 min to program
Now we get pincode

now we own 5 keys could start this car

Try to start the car with new key

Article site:OBDSTAR F100 Magic Wand Programm key Focus 2015

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