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How to solve BMW INPA K+CAN driver won’t install Tags: BMW INPA

My BMW had ASC/ABS and Brake pads light on … I checked and one sensor from brake pads was broken, then I changed the sensor but still had a ASC/ABS and hand Brake led on……If I leave the car without battery one night, the led will go off , but will come on again randomly.China OBD2

BMW INPA Software Download

Then I bought an BMW K+DCan for 17.99USD and I can´t install the driver , my laptop is Samsung R510… Inpa and Ediabas work Fine … I installed win xp and didn´t work so I changed the HDD whit windows 7 x64 to give a try… But same problem.
I tried to install CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe, run it as administrator, run it in win xp sp3 but nothing.

I tryed the manual method, but windows say “can´t find anything in that folder” (I downloaded the older version of driver and Unrar it 2.04)
this is my cable:
I right click on the USB/UART device and go to properties, then the details tab, and look at the hardware ID, it is
USB\VID_0403&PID_0000&REV_0600  Auto Repair

You can fix it by going to the downloaded driver files, and into the ftdibus.inf and ftdiport.inf files.
Scroll down and you’ll see a list of the VID and PID data, you can edit the PID stuff to read 0000 like your lead, and then reinstall it, so find every instance of “PID_6001” and change it to “PID_0000” which should mean that the driver will recognise and accept the lead to work with.
I would probably go for the BMW INPA K+CAN 2.20 drivers:

CBAY Handy Baby Car Key Copy Internal Diaplay Tags: First Test

This is the clone Handy Baby auto key programmer, now CBAY key programmer
will be disassembled for all to learn its inner parts.
This car key copy is from uobd2
Disassemble the cbay handy baby key programmer, you will see the green board.
Turn it over you will see the other side of the pcb board. It’s yellow.

Tighten with a screw and open the back cover, and you will see the battery (marked with SP-454853 3.7V 1700mAh) which connected to the car key copy main unit via a red wire.
cbay-car-key copy-inner-parts(1)
cbay-car-key copy-inner-parts (4) cbay-car-key copy-inner-parts (2) cbay-car-key copy-inner-parts (3)

To learn more about the cbay handy baby, please go to
(handy baby operation steps to copy 46, 4D, initialize, test frquency, data read and write…)


If you want to know more about car diagnostic tools  visit:


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