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SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine cut Chevy DWO4 car key+ Schlage home key
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Do you want a key machine to cut both car key and home key? SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine can do it! Check below to know how SEC-E9 cut Chevrolet DWO4 key and Schlage key for door lock! Condor XC-009

Part 1: How SEC-E9 cut Chevrolet/ Buick DW04 key blade?
Click the search button on main menu.
Enter “DWO4” then click search icon.
Choose “SILCA”→ “DWO4 (74) (8, 10)”
Choose correct space. In this case it is 8.
sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-cut-chevy-dw04-3 sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-cut-chevy-dw04-4
Click “Menu” then “Info” at bottom bar to get key blank information.
Click “Decode”, follow the screen guide, use stopper to put the original key correctly on clamp.
sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-cut-chevy-dw04-6 sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-cut-chevy-dw04-5
Click “Decode” to start decoding.
After that put the new Chevy DWO4R key blank on clamp, click “Cut” then set cutting speed.
Key cutting complete, test new key blank working!
Part 2: How to cut Schlage key by SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Cutting Machine?
Click “Standard” button on main menu.
Choose “Schlage” and “All Schlage”.
Select correct key model number and space.
Click “Decode” and pay attention to screen guide to fix the clamp correctly.
sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-cut-schlage-home-key-6 sec-e9-key-cutting-machine-cut-schlage-home-key-5
Put the original Schlage key to decode.
Then replace the new blank key blade to cut.
New Schlage key cutting finish!
Get SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine $2,399 for car key and home key at!

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